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  Cyril Veinott Electromechanical –  Energy Conversion Award

Paul I. Nippes received the Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award, “In recognition of his pioneering work in the field of turbo machinery fault analysis and in the design and management of complex electromechanical systems.”

The award recognizes outstanding contributions in the field of electromechanical energy conversion. Research and developments on electric motors have continued all throughout the 20th century to the point that such devices have now become an integral part of our lives. The current ubiquitous presence of the electric motor in everything we do has resulted from the work of dedicated engineers throughout the world.

The award is named for the man responsible for numerous practical improvements in the design and application of electric motors over 50 years. Cyril Veinott has made seminal contributions to the development of polyphase induction motors and 400-Hz aircraft motors and is a pioneer in the application of digital computers to the design of electric motors. He is responsible for the early measurements and mitigation of electric motor noise. He helped write many IEEE and NEMA standards for electric motors. He is also the first person to have been inducted into the Small Motor Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame in 1985.

The 2000 Summer Meeting marks the first presentation of the Cyril Veinott award. The Cyril Veinott Electromechanical Energy Conversion Award consists of a plaque and an honorarium of $5,000. Paul I. Nippes is the inaugural recipient of this award.  Paul I. Nippes has been a regular contributor to the electromechanical energy conversion field for nearly half a century, starting as a design engineer in 1950 with the Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company in West Allis, Wisconsin USA. Over the past five decades, Nippes has been an educator, engineering section manager, consulting engineer, chief electrical engineer, and principal of a products and services company he started in 1966.  Nippes is a pioneer in the field of turbo machinery fault analysis and in the design and management of complex electromechanical systems. His 1989 IEEE Fellow citation reads “For contributions to the development, design, and testing of rotating electrical equipment.” He has been involved in the design of turbine generators ranging from 250 kW to 1200 MW, induction motors up to 15,000 hp, and salient pole machines ranging from 500 to 30,000 hp. Many of the machines and systems he designed are still in operation around the world. He invented and developed the concept of harmonic excitation of synchronous machines. Of late, he has been very active in the analysis and mitigation of the effects of stray shaft voltages and currents in rotating machinery, industrial applications of mechanical engineering, field electrical analysis and correction, and forensic analyses for users. His firm, Magnetic Products and Services, Inc., has developed and marketed several field test products.

The vast body of his work has been documented in nearly 20 technical articles in IEEE Transactions, over a dozen magazine articles, and over 1,000 technical reports. He has contributed significantly to the development of standards as the chair of the ANSI C50 Standards Committee and the SC2G Subcommittee of the International Electro Technical Commission. He has chaired and/or contributed to several IEEE working groups in the Power Engineering Society on electromechanical energy conversion equipment.

Excerpt above from IEEE XPlore - IEEE Power Engineering Review, October 2000

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