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What are the primary activities of Magnetic Products and Services, Inc. (MPS)?

In the early days, our primary activity involved consulting  through the company, NPA (Nippes Professional Associates, Incorporated in 1965).  As the company grew, products were created to solve the needs seen in the field by the engineers (approx. 1980) and MPS was born.  Many of the early investigations were related to Magnetism, explaining the name of the company, Magnetic Products and Services.  Today, MPS Electrical Engineers, are still involved in these analyses, with an added focus on the sales of products and application of products to serve Industry.

What are the primary services offered by Magnetic Products and Services, Inc. (MPS)?

MPS specializes in Technologies where both products and services are offered:

  • Group A: Voltage - Current Monitors for Rotating Machinery (VCMs)
  • Group B: Magnetism Control/Demagnetizing in a variety of Industries and on a variety of Equipment.
  • Service Solutions:  MPS Engineers will travel the world to provide independent 3rd party/OEM independent evaluations while providing the following services:

1.    Shaft Voltage and Current Monitoring Surveys of Operating Rotating Machinery.  MPS does not do installations of VCMs or Grounding Devices, although they will supervise and commission installations upon request.

2.    Magnetic Survey and Degauss in a number of Industries and on a variety of Equipment, which can be production machines in the tooling industry to Turbine-Generator Demags at Outages.  MPS Gaussbuster Engineers provide both On-Site and In-House services (in Holmdel, NJ, USA).   Presently, “MPS Gaussbuster Engineers” are dispatched out of Berlin, MA, Wilmington, NC and Holmdel, NJ.

3.    General Problem Investigation /Root Cause Analysis if suspected to be related to stray shaft currents and the damage they can cause.  Solutions may require referrals to other experts or the use and/or application of products of both Group A and Group B.

MPS on-site visits are not intended to be long term contracts, our goal is to get onto a customer’s site and evaluate their problems, make recommendations, write a report and return to the home office.  With this business model being the focus of MPS’ service offerings, clients are willing to bring our consultants long distances, for short periods of time, as “Experts”.  We currently do not rent MPS products but do make them available for purchase to interested parties and can provide on-site training if requested.

What are the primary products offered by Magnetic Products and Services, Inc. (MPS)?

MPS Products in Group A, the VCM Family consist of:

Voltage Current Monitors Model E: This unit typically called the VCM-E is offered in several configurations; (Order Numbers for enclosures and/or configurations proceed the descriptions).

  • VCM-EN for Non-Explosion-Proof Applications (i.e. Utilities) (this is MPS’ best seller)
  • VCM-EE for Explosion-Proof Applications
  • VCM-EN-SII is for Turbine/Generators with two VCM-E units contained in one enclosure (one for Turbine side, one for Generator side).
  • VCM-RM-1 (2,3,4) with one to four VCM-E units in one Rack Drawer for mounting in a 19” Rack. 

All VCM-Es (regardless of configuration/packaging) offer the 4-20 ma continuous outputs that enable the DCS to be programmed for analysis of shaft voltage/current trace trending.  The VCM-E units have become quite popular with GE Mark III to Mark V/VI Turbine Control System Upgrades. 

Voltage Current Monitor-C: is a battery operated push-to-read monitor that displays shaft grounding current or shaft voltage (grounding circuit is disconnected while reading voltage).  This unit is often chosen for industrial/petrochemical type applications. 

  • VCM-CN for Non-Explosion-Proof Applications
  • VCM-CE for Explosion-Proof Applications 

MPS Products in Group B, the Demagnetizing Family consist of:

  • Gaussometer:  A unique and  intuitive product  with an Analog Display, Dual Ranges, and Auto Ranging capability.  There are many digital gauss meters in the market, but the MPS Gaussometer fits well in this application.  Our Industrial Gaussometer is available with 3 separate probes: DC Hall Effect probe, AC probe and an AC milligauss probe.  Talk to an MPS engineer to see which probe(s) best suit your needs.
  • Pocket  GaussMeters:  These gauss meters allow the ease of slipping into your pocket for instant access when needed.  Three models are available:
    1. PG-BAR – Bar Graph model – Color Coded for Welders
    2. PG-LCD-H – LCD High range -1999 to +1999 gauss
  • Auto Degauss: This amazing portable instrument enables service companies to take MPI on the road and offer quality demagnetizing services anywhere there is a generator (or power).  It  transforms a company from being a regional provider into an international provider of specialized services (we have one client from the UK who does regular work in Brazil because he can take our ADG with him).  There are other units on the market, but none that compare with the ADG’s capabilities and portability.  Utilizing full-wave DC down-cycling and ampere-turn output capabilities, this product has found a “word-of-mouth” following in the Pipeline Industry due to its ability to stabilize fields during welds of large pipelines, on land, sea and sub-sea.   Order Code is ADG 50-60 for standard Auto Degauss. There are also several cable options available.
How are MPS’ Services and Products promoted?

MPS has a reputation unparallelled in excellence, due to the work of Mr. Paul Nippes in defining the “Shaft Condition Monitoring” Technology (VCMs).  Paul Nippes has an extensive resume dating back to 1964 as a Motor/Generator Designer, Consultant, and Chairman of IEEE, Cigre and IEC committees.  Mr. Nippes has personally trained each of the MPS Engineers that work for MPS.  MPS has secured patents in many countries for Shaft Current and Voltage Monitors and Analyzers (VCMs) to open up more international opportunities and also to protect our products. 

Most sales in the USA are made after an MPS Representative has gone on-site and provided service work.  After viewing the quality of our products and employees, clients are convinced MPS will provide them with goods that will last.  "Word of mouth" and reliable service have been our cornerstone for sales since MPS' inception.  That says a lot about us.

What markets does MPS serve?
  • Generating Utilities: Wind, Hydro, CoGens, Coal, Nuclear, Natural Gas
  • Industry: such as Oil and Gas, Water, Mining, Mineral processing, Railways,
  • Pipelines: Owners/Installers/Service Companies (both Land and Off-Shore)
  • Government/Defense
  • Manufacturing
  • Buildings/Facilities
  • Medical Field