Case Studies

  • NatGeoTV World’s Toughest Fixes-Alaska Oil Pipeline Repair

    When NatGeo's World's Toughest Fixes show went to Alaska, MPS' Gaussbuster Phil was there too!   Alyeska Pipeline chose the MPS Auto Degauss to assist with their 48" Trans Alaskan Pipeline Repair featured on the  TV show National Geographic's Worlds Toughest Fixes.  The MPS Auto Degauss was used to degauss both the pipe ends and the replacement section of pipe.  The Auto Degauss was also utilized to stabilize the magentic fields at each weld joint during welding to reduce sputter and arc jump.  As Sean Riley is told by one of the welders in the video, "If they didn't do what they do (MPS Gaussbusters), we wouldn't be able to weld!"  

  • Auto Degauss Saves the Day!

    The following are case histories where the Auto Degauss came to the rescue: 1. A cargo jet delivering 1500 alloy pipes measuring 40 feet long and ¾"   diameter, discovered its compass pointed North when the plane was…
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