Case Studies

Auto Degauss Saves the Day!

The following are case histories where the Auto Degauss came to the rescue:

1. A cargo jet delivering 1500 alloy pipes measuring 40 feet long and ¾"   diameter, discovered its compass pointed North when the plane was facing South.  In less than a day, the alloy pipes were demagnetized and the plane took off with the compass performing accurately.

2. A large manufacturer of automobile engine parts experienced problems with steel chips adhering and interfering with part alignment because of high residual magnetism. The offending magnetism was removed successfully using the Auto Degauss downcycling.

3. A medium sized utility turbine building was struck by lightning, resulting in extreme magnetizing of the turbine. Full power delivery of two Auto Degauss units successfully removed the magnetism by downcycling.

4. There are numerous cases of welders of large pipes being unable to place a bead when needed due to arc deflection by residual magnetism. The Auto Degauss downcycling removed the magnetism enabling the welders to weld as normal.

5. A large utility turbine experiencing high residual magnetism could not be fully demagnetized by conventional magnetic particle inspection equipment. Applications of the Auto Degauss downcycling resulted in the turbines being fully demagnetized to acceptable levels.

6. A company with large screw compressors had their timing gear, shaft and helical compressor elements severely etched and eaten away by electrical currents. All components had their magnetism removed by the Auto Degauss downcycling.

7. A natural gas compressor had their thrust bearings and thrust collar severely attacked and eaten away by shaft currents. Auto Degauss downcycling of the partially assembled machine reduced magnetism to levels suitable for operation until the next shutdown.

8. There are numerous cases of bearing babbitt and steel being eroded away electrically by residual magnetically-generated currents that were removed by Auto Degauss downcycling.

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