Auto Degauss

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How portable is your unit?

The total package, ADG controller unit and cable, weigh in at approximately 54 lbs/24.49 kg.  All this is bundled up in a wheeled carrying case for convenience.

Is the Auto Degauss suitable for pipe welding?

Welders are rapidly becoming our largest customer.  The ease, reliability and portability of the unit make it ideal for this application.

Can the Auto Degauss system be used on pre-heated pipes (for welding purposes) up to temps of 400°F?

Yes, but with care.  The cables need to be kept off the surface by use of either a fire blanket, 2' x 4' lumber or other non-metallic material.

What flux levels do I need to achieve to properly weld?

A good rule of thumb is that the magnetic flux level should not exceed 30 gauss when welding.  The Auto Degauss system can hold flux levels to 5 gauss or less.

What equipment do I need to degauss/demagnetize?

A gauss meter, such as the MPS Gaussometer, is needed to show magnitude and direction of the magnetic field.  The Auto Degauss system is required to effectively eliminate the magnetism by use of its automatic downcycling feature. For Welders: a special Pocket Gauss Meter (PGM-Bar) is available to quickly show if the magnetic field is low enough to weld.

What power is required for the Auto Degauss?

The Auto Degauss is not finicky.  Anything from 110-240V, 50 or 60 Hz and 40 Amp single phase will suffice.

How large a pipe diameter can you demagnetize?

Our standard 60' cable has been used to successfully demagnetize up to 48" diameter pipes.  We do supply 100' and 120' cables for larger applications.

Can the Auto Degauss effectively demagnetize high strength alloy steel?

Yes, the down-cycle demagnetizing feature is very effective with any ferromagnetic (magnetically soft) material which includes; iron, steels (carbon, alloy or stainless) and some nickel alloys.