Gauss Meters

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I already have a dial gauss meter, why should I get yours?

The dial meters are not made for repeatable, rugged use.  They easily go out of calibration and are effected by magnetic fields.  Our models are rugged enough for most applications and are easily recalibrated by placing the Hall-Effect probe in the zero gauss chamber.

Do I really need a gauss meter to demagnetize?

A gauss meter is needed to show the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field.  These are two important parameters in order to determine the strength and direction of the initial demagnetizing field being applied.

Do you have operating instructions available for the Gaussometer?

We sure do, flip over your Gaussometer and you will find a complete set of operating instructions printed on the back label.

I'd like to monitor flux levels during degaussing. How can I be sure that I am not affecting the consistency of the gauss readings by where I hold the probe?

Try taping the probe in place; it can provide useful feedback during the Auto Degauss cycle.

How do I know what model to choose?

You can't go wrong with any of the MPS Gauss Meters available.  But for certain applications, some models are better than others.

For measuring large rotating equipment such as generators, turbines and components, the Gaussometer with the DC Hall Effect probe is a perfect fit for you.  This Granddaddy of Gaussometers is our most rugged model with the added ability to measure AC fields (AC probes sold separately).

For the engineer on the move, our Pocket Gaussmeter (PGM-LCD) is the one for you.  This meter fits right in your pocket and can measure levels from -1999 to +1999 gauss.

If you simply want to know whether to weld or not to weld...our Pocket Gaussometer (PGM-Bar) has your name on it.  This easy to use model lights up green (good to weld), yellow (possibly good to weld) or red (levels too high for welding).

If unsure of the model thats right for you, our engineers are available to help guide you to the one that will best fit your needs.