MPS Outage Services

Magnetic Products and Services' Gaussbuster Engineers, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your past patronage and remind you of our Outage Services:     

  • Shaft Voltage Surveys prior to unit shutdown to determine grounding/monitoring system stability, provide baseline readings and evaluate electrical waveforms to determine if electrostatic or electromagnetic activity is present.  
  • Verification post start-up of installed Shaft Grounding and Voltage/Current Monitoring Systems. Comparisons to data recorded on unit performance prior to shut down will be included if applicable.
  • Magnetic Survey and Demagnetizing Services for all rotating machinery components utilizing the Powerful, Portable Auto Degauss System with "Auto Down-Cycling" and 35 years of Gaussbuster's Demagnetizing Expertise.
  • Welding Assistance and Pipeline Welding Control to speed welds, eliminate arcing and weld sputter to improve weld quality. Services available in-the-field or in-the-plant.

We are proud to be approaching 50 years of consulting, servicing and providing quality products and solutions to our loyal customers.

Thank you for your continued patronage!

                            The MPS Gaussbusters Team

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