Magnetic Survey/Demagnetizing Services

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How long does a magnetic survey and degaussing take to do?

There is no standard time because of the differences in the scope and scale of the work.  In general, magnetic surveys are completed in less than an hour and large equipment may be demagnetized in a few hours.

What kind of access to the equipment is necessary for degaussing?

MPS has demagnetized equipment in tight confines, remote locations and even with divers 80' underwater.  Hopefully, access to your equipment is a bit easier. 

Rotating equipment does need to be shut down before servicing.  All covers and protective devices need to be removed, the removal of the rotor and other components is recommended.  Complete access is necessary to guarantee that the lowest magnetic fields attainable are reached. 

How do you ship your equipment to the field and what kind of equipment do we need to move it around?

We don't "ship" our equipment.  The Auto Degauss system is compact and light enough to fit in the trunk of a car and to be checked in as baggage on airflights.

I have process equipment that is becoming magnetized but I don't know the source. Can this be treated?

Yes, our engineers will come on site for a magnetic survey and consultation of your processes.  We will identify the source, recommend changes and demagnetize for you.

Do you magnetize/demagnetize permanent magnets?

MPS has been called in to successfully remagnetize permanent magnets.

We have small parts that need to be demagnetized to a specific requirement. Can you help us?

MPS offers in-house demagnetizing services just for those times.   Ship the parts to us, give us the minimum gauss requirements and we will demagnetize, certify and return the parts to you.

We're in a bind, can we get help right away?

Almost always; MPS provides support throughout the world whenever you need us.  To arrange a service call all you need to do is pick up the phone and call us.  We will do the rest.

Do you rent equipment?

Unfortunately, due to the liability this raises, MPS does not rent or loan our equipment.