• Pocket Gaussmeters

    The Pocket Gaussmeter is so reliable and accurate that you are always confident about the magnetic field strengths you read, regardless of the application. Unlike dial gauss indicators (magnetometers), the calibration and accuracy of the Pocket Gaussmeter is unaffected by placement in strong magnetic fields. In addition, its small probe size enables easy measurement in gaps such as in pipes to be welded. The Pocket Gaussmeter is available in two models to best suit your needs.  The PGM-Bar is the perfect…
  • Pocket Gaussmeter - LCD

    The MPS LCD PocketGaussMeter sets a new standard for small gaussmeters, by providing quality, accuracy and dependability in a compact, pocket size. The PocketGaussMeter automatically shuts down when the battery strength is less than 20% to assure accuracy in readings.  The battery is easy to change. Zeroing the instrument is simple with the front panel calibration dial.      The probes can be customized to varying lengths as your application may require.  And, with the  "USB quick connect" feature, swapping probes for each application is quick…
  • Pocket Gaussmeter - BAR

    Welders love MPS' Bar Graph PocketGaussMeter!    Quickly checking the magnetism at a weld joint is easy to do, even through a helmet.   The PocketGaussMeter can be used inside energized coiled cables without distortion or damage.  Instinctive in operation.....RED=STOP, YELLOW=CAUTION, and GREEN=GO!   In addition,  the probe enables measuring in small gaps such as in weld joints.   To assure accuracy in use, the PocketGaussMeter automatically shuts off when 20% of battery charge is remaining.  After automatic shut-off, a battery change will be necessary to restore…