Pocket Gaussmeter - BAR


Welders love MPS' Bar Graph PocketGaussMeter!    Quickly checking the magnetism at a weld joint is easy to do, even through a helmet.   The PocketGaussMeter can be used inside energized coiled cables without distortion or damage.  Instinctive in operation.....RED=STOP, YELLOW=CAUTION, and GREEN=GO!   In addition,  the probe enables measuring in small gaps such as in weld joints.   To assure accuracy in use, the PocketGaussMeter automatically shuts off when 20% of battery charge is remaining.  After automatic shut-off, a battery change will be necessary to restore operation of the meter. 

No longer do operators, maintenance personal, welders and engineers have to settle for measurements by an uncalibrated or defective magnetic indicator or magnetometer. Be assured of performance and eliminate doubts of weldability by choosing the color-coded MPS Bar Graph PocketGaussMeter!

Key Benefits



A high performance instrument that is carried in your pocket.

Quick visual gauss measurements showing acceptable or unacceptable levels.

Displays gauss strength on color coded bar signal display at 20 gauss increments.

Unaffected by intense magnetic fields.


Consistent readings ranging from  -100  to +100 gauss.

Measures in any orientation, even in gaps.

Durable and built for longevity.

No external wires.

Incredibly easy to use.

Easy zero adjust by the operator.



To Determine Weldability:


Make readings while watching Bar Signal Display indicating the following:

  • GREEN: Safe to Weld, < 40 gauss
  • YELLOW: Probably Safe, but questionable (40-60 gauss)
  • RED: Unsafe to Weld, > 60 gauss


Typical  Utilization:  Power and industrial DC measurements only (direct component of magnetic fields).

  Ranges:   -100 to +100 gauss
  Accuracy:   ±20 gauss per Display Bars
  Weight:   2 ounces - fits in your pocket
  Size:   Meter:   1¾”W x ¾”D x 3½”L
  Hall Effect Sensor:   Probe:   6"L (152.4mm) **
  Power:   12V Battery (MN 21/23)
  Ambient Temperature: 

  14º F to 140º F (-10º C to 60º C)


** 2" and 12" probes lengths are also available.  (Custom probe lengths available upon request).


    Subject: Re: Auto Degauss ADG by MPS

    Mr H...,

    We Highly recommend the MPS Degaussing Unit, see our answers below [in bold] embedded in your inquiry.

    Good Luck,

    Mr. T...    [Quality Control / Safety Manager from large repair shop in Northeast USA]

    Hello Mr. T....
    We got your reference from an MPS Gaussbuster Electrical Engineer at Magnetic Products & Services, Inc.
    We actually want to procure an Auto Degauss from that company. This is the first time we are going to purchase such product from MPS therefore we want you to share your experience regarding that product. Our purpose of this procurement is to demagnetize steam turbine, compressors, and pumps shafts and casings.   As we discussed on phone please reply to my following queries:
         1- Since how long have you been using Auto Degauss (ADG) [and the Original Auto Demag Unit]?
                Since before 1995.
     2- Are you using this product for demagnetizing pipelines or rotor of machines?
    3- Is it possible to demagnetize a rotor below 02 gauss by using this product?
    Have you done that on any rotor?
    If possible kindly send us some details.
                We do this as our business, please see photos (sorry - not included here).
    4- Is it possible to demagnetize a rotor without removing it from machine by using Autodegauss?
                 Not very effectively, we recommend disassembly.
     5- Is it material specific or it is possible to demagnetize any type rotor material which is magnetic?
                Hysteresis is material specific, therefore some materials are more difficult to demagnetize than others.
     6- Can this product be used to eliminate electrical run out of the rotors from vibration probe sensing area below 2 gauss?

    Your reply will be highly appreciated
    BR - Executive Maintenance (Machinery)

    - A Fertilizer Company in Pakistan,

  • Thanks... We are using your machines every day. 

    - Bryce H.  An upstream/midstream construction contractor,