Portable Auto Degauss


Auto Degauss


  • The Auto Degauss System has multiple cable power delivery options applicable to large turbine and generator rotors, steam turbine blading and casings, pipes, vehicles, ships, aircraft and even buildings!
  • Control of residual magnetism at pipe welds, reducing welding time and eliminating arc blow out.
  • “Downcycle” demagnetizing with Full-Wave DC eliminates residual magnetism in complex metal structures, machinery parts, and  high strength alloy components.
  • Magnetizing for Magnetic Particle Inspection followed by thorough demagnetizing using the same cable set-up to save time!
  • Utilize the Auto Degauss for ‘Loop’ or ‘Core’ testing for lamination shorts in electrical machines up to 500 HP/KW.
  • Auto Degauss and Cable System is powerful enough to magnetize Permanent Magnet Generator Poles.
  • Demagnetize all diameter pipelines with the Auto Degauss’ versatile cables and/or “neutralize” troublesome magnetism at weld locations.
  • The MPS ADG can prevent costly downtime of rotating equipment by removing residual magnetism, which is often the source of damaging stray currents.     



The Auto Degauss features an easy-to-use front panel with three operating modes:

  1. Manual AC for surface demagnetizing.
  2. Manual DC for demagnetizing and magnetizing.
  3. Automatic Full-Wave DC "Downcycling" for quality demagnetizing penetration of large or small items.

  • Complete portability makes for easy use on scaffolding or in trenches; anywhere line power  is made available. 
  • Single-phase voltage input (115-265V) from power sources of either 50 or 60 Hertz allows for use with almost any portable generator (10kW, for maximum power).
  • The process of “downcycling” strategically and systematically reduces deep-seated magnetism to zero.  At each “downcycling step”, the Auto Degauss reverses polarity and applies a precalculated power value to gradually reduce the magnetic field. 
  • Preset “hold times” attain magnetic field penetration into heavy steel sections thereby minimizing the number of runs required to remove residual magnetism.
  • The Auto Degauss and accompanying cable transports completely in a self-contained, wheeled carrying case with retractable handle for easy movement and storage. 
  • Employs flexible cables available in 60, 100 and 120 foot lengths, for wrapping around or through large parts with “difficult to demagnetize” areas.
  • If increased demagnetizing and/or magnetizing is needed, optional items provide increased power by 2X or more, for even the toughest of jobs!
  • The Auto Degauss can “trim” or “neutralize” residual magnetism down to acceptable levels, at weld locations on a pipeline or between steel beams.
  • The advanced and compact design of the Auto Degauss eliminates the need for bulky transformers, yet power delivery is equivalent to large “mobile” demagnetizing units that require cranes, forklifts or trucks to move. 
  • The superior efficiency of the Auto Degauss means that power draw from the line equals power delivery to the cable. 

Key Benefits

  • Cost effective
  • Compact and portable
  • Easy-to-use and reliable
  • Automated for consistent results
  • Multifunctional for use on many applications
  • Saves time
1. Cable wraps apply easily and quickly for magnetizing and/or demagnetizing.
2. No need to bring the job to a shop, perform it on-site!
            3. Variable controls benefit demagnetizing of large items such as pipes, shafts,                            casings and bearings, as well as small items such as bolts and studs.


Operating Modes:

1.  Manual AC

   2.  Manual DC

     3.  Auto Downcycling

Auto Degauss Controller:

            Controller Size:       

   13.5”L x 12”W x 7”H

            Controller Weight:

   15 Pounds

            Line Input:

   115-265V, 40 Amps, Single Phase, 50/60 Hz.

            Magnetizing Current

   Variable, 0 - Maximum

            Ground Fault Breaker:            .

   .030 Amp trip

            Fuse Rating:

   50 Amp

            Ambient Temperature:      

   0-40°C  (32-104°F)

Demagnetizing Cable:

            Cable Length (feet)                                                              60’      100’    120’

            Duty Cycle (per each 30 minute downcycling period)         30%     40%    60%

            Voltage Maximum:

   600 Volts

            Operating Temp:

   90°C (194°F) Maximum

            Optional Equipment:

   ADG Power Cord Extension Cable: Custom Length
   Extension Cable for Cable to Controller: Custom 
   AC Custom Coil 


    Subject: Re: Auto Degauss ADG by MPS

    Mr H...,

    We Highly recommend the MPS Degaussing Unit, see our answers below [in bold] embedded in your inquiry.

    Good Luck,

    Mr. T...    [Quality Control / Safety Manager from large repair shop in Northeast USA]

    Hello Mr. T....
    We got your reference from an MPS Gaussbuster Electrical Engineer at Magnetic Products & Services, Inc.
    We actually want to procure an Auto Degauss from that company. This is the first time we are going to purchase such product from MPS therefore we want you to share your experience regarding that product. Our purpose of this procurement is to demagnetize steam turbine, compressors, and pumps shafts and casings.   As we discussed on phone please reply to my following queries:
         1- Since how long have you been using Auto Degauss (ADG) [and the Original Auto Demag Unit]?
                Since before 1995.
     2- Are you using this product for demagnetizing pipelines or rotor of machines?
    3- Is it possible to demagnetize a rotor below 02 gauss by using this product?
    Have you done that on any rotor?
    If possible kindly send us some details.
                We do this as our business, please see photos (sorry - not included here).
    4- Is it possible to demagnetize a rotor without removing it from machine by using Autodegauss?
                 Not very effectively, we recommend disassembly.
     5- Is it material specific or it is possible to demagnetize any type rotor material which is magnetic?
                Hysteresis is material specific, therefore some materials are more difficult to demagnetize than others.
     6- Can this product be used to eliminate electrical run out of the rotors from vibration probe sensing area below 2 gauss?

    Your reply will be highly appreciated
    BR - Executive Maintenance (Machinery)

    - A Fertilizer Company in Pakistan,

  • “I spent the afternoon with Paul Nippes of Magnetic Products and Services of Holmdel, NJ.   He came to…demagnetize…tubes.  Unfortunately, these tubes had already been demagnetized by…personnel using the 1200 amp AC Submerged Arc welding power supply, because they didn’t have much residual magnetism in them.  However, the vendor [MPS] attached his setup to each of the tubes and reduced the remaining residual magnetism in the tubes to extremely low levels.  I can confirm that the magnetism left by him [Paul Nippes] in the tubes is less than the best we ever got using the subarc power supply.”

    - Principal Welding Engineer at a US Government Agency,

  • Thanks... We are using your machines every day. 

    - Bryce H.  An upstream/midstream construction contractor,

  • Everyone-

    I want to echo Jeff's acknowledgement and thanks - It is great to have such a responsive and helpful group willing to go that extra mile to help us out when we're in a bind.  I hope to have the privilege of working with many of you in the future.

    - Kurt S.    Plant Engineering, An Illinois dual-unit nuclear power plant.

  • When we first brought in the Auto Degauss unit, there were some people that were really skeptical because of its physical size.  They had seen other, larger units not work as expected; so this was really going against traditional paradigms.  Phil, one of the MPS service engineers, worked with us to reduce the magnetism on our part that weighed over 10,000 pounds down to very acceptable levels.  Afterwards, those people were impressed, even a little amazed, by what was done.

    ~Troy Slinger, Mfg. Engineer

    - Hampton Hydraulics / Seabee, Seabee, Hampton, IA ~ A Ligon Company

  • "Our welders are among the best.  They constantly work through all sorts of challenges, including magnetized pipe issues.  But a recent project was delayed as all of us tried to deal with a degree of magnetism we had never experienced before.  We eventually called MPS to see if they could help.
    Phil mobilized quickly, and we were welding within minutes of the completion of his set up.  I highly recommend MPS.  D.E.A.  - Pipeline Engineer ".

    - Our welders are among the best.,